Supernatural Anti-venom

Recently, I was pondering all the venom that’s been injected into me throughout my life, such as fear, over-responsibility, perfectionism, people-pleasing, enmeshing, over-achieving, shame, dehumanization, bitterness, distrust, abuse and hatred.  And I started to feel discouraged and even depressed as I wondered how I would ever get all of that poison out of my soul.   

Then a thought entered my mind about how in the natural there’s this amazing cure and treatment for venom.  It’s called anti-venom.  It counteracts the effects of venom and saves the life of the one who was poisoned.  It’s powerful and effective for destroying the work of any snake, scorpion or other poisonous creature.  This is a reality in the natural world which reveals a supernatural truth, as well. 

So, I began to ponder what the supernatural anti-venom might be for all the supernatural poisoning I’ve been injected with and am still contending to be healed from.  Then, I recalled the passage of scripture where Paul is bitten by a snake while throwing some wood on a fire. The snake was hiding in the woodpile that Paul used to fuel the fire.  Paul shakes the snake off of his hand and into the fire.  Everyone around him who saw this is watching and waiting for him to show effects of the poison and die from it.  But he doesn’t.  A long time passes, and he has no ill effects from the snake bite.  (See Acts 28:1-6.)  So, I wondered, what did Paul have, supernaturally speaking, that counteracted the effects of the poisonous snake bite? 

Another passage then came to mind, this one from the gospel of Mark.  As part of the great commission, Jesus tells the disciples that poison will not harm them (see Mark 16:17-18).  I pray that verse a lot in and around my apartment complex and neighborhood because of my neighbors smoke marijuana, which is fine with me as long as they do it with in their home with the windows closed so I don’t suffer any ill effects from the smoke.  But, a lot of them smoke with their windows open or in a public location.  I really don’t like the smell or effects of marijuana, so I feel angry and offended that my neighbors are insensitive about polluting my lungs with their smoke.  They rob me of any choice in the matter.

So when I am assaulted by their second hand smoke, I pray for the poison to not harm me, believing the verse in Mark applies to these types of circumstances. This is an example of the verse applying to a natural substance, as it did with Paul and the snake bite. 

But my initial concern at the top of this article was regarding supernatural poison and how to counteract the effects of that poison.  Then I recalled the verse in which Jesus talks about trampling snakes and scorpions (see Luke 10:19).  This scripture in Luke refers to supernatural creatures, namely demons. 

Well, that settled it for me.  I took hold of these truths, these verses about trampling snakes and not being harmed by poison, and armed myself with them.  These words of the Lord became my anti-venom along with my faith and the Holy Spirit.  I began to meditate on these things and let them sink deep into the soil of the garden of my heart. 

I may still struggle with the effects of poison and be attacked by more snakes and scorpions, but the anti-venom that I have is far more powerful and is at work within me to counteract and destroy all of the venom that ever was or ever will be used against me.  It’s just a matter of time before all the venom is gone from my soul, and all that remains is a vibrant and healthy soul.