A Messy View of Perfect Pieces

We’re all just trying to get through this life, make sense of circumstances and make something good out of the time we are given.  We all have stuff we’re dealing with and working out – each in our in own way and in our own time.

It’s a mess, for sure.  Each of us stumbling around trying to stay upright and avoid getting knocked down.  And if we do get knocked down, then we desperately try to get back up or get to a place of safety as fast as possible so that we don’t get trampled by everyone else stumbling around. 

If we could only see what each person is going through or what they are dealing with, we’d probably be a lot nicer to each other.  We might even stop to talk, to listen and to lend a hand.  If only we could see into the supernatural and into the hearts of others, then we’d see what beauty there is in humanity, in surviving assaults on our dignity, in overcoming heartbreaking situations, in the kindness and compassion poured out to us.

I think this world would look a lot different if we could see those things, if we would stop our incessant scurrying about for the sake of saying we are “so busy”, if we would just breathe, be and see.

When I look at people, I try to see them through the Father’s eyes.  I want to see the beauty He created in each of them.  I want to look at each person and think, “They’re so beautiful and they don’t even know how beautiful they are.”  I want to be able to sit with them and listen to their stories.  I want to be able to let them know that I see them and that what I see is beautiful to me.  I want to let them know that they are never alone and that they are always held in the Father’s heart. 

I want to look into their eyes and hearts to see more of who God is.  Each person reveals something about the Father that is unique.  Each person is a puzzle piece giving me a unique glimpse of a new facet of His face.  For now, in this life, I only see a part of Who He Is.  But in the life to come, I shall see all of His face, all of His radiant, majestic, kind and wonderful face (see 1 Corinthians 13:9).

It’s a messy view from this side of eternity.  But this mess is a beautiful kaleidoscope of glimpses that I get the joy of discovering how to piece together in an attempt to make sense of an incomprehensible God who calls Himself my friend and me His beloved.

As an introvert with awkward social skills, I can’t believe I’m thinking all those things I said above, but the Lord is awakening my soul to new things in this season.  So, I say bring on the new relationships, the new acquaintances, the random conversations with strangers.  After all, the more people I see – truly see, as in seeing their hearts – the more I see of my Friend’s face and His heart. 

I can’t help myself.  My heart and soul aches to know Him more and to know more of Him.  I won’t be denied.  I will seek until I find Him and then keeping seeking more of Who He Is.  He is life to me.  And I cannot breathe without Him.